Mile Makers Program

City Council approved the Mile Makers program in September 2009.  Funds generated by the sale of the Trails Signs go towards the maintenance and future construction of Trails within the City of Highland.

Two (2) different Trail Signs are available for purchase: Standard Signs and Sponsorship Signs.

  • The Standard Mile Makers Sign is 8" inches tall by 6" inches wide.  This Sign is mounted to the Trail white rail fencing.  The Standard Mile Makers Signs have a one-time cost of $100.00.
  • The Mile Makers Annual Sponsorship Sign is placed on its own post and is 18" inches tall by 24" inches wide, this Sign is placed as part of an Annual Donation.  The Mile Makers Annual Sponsorship Sign have an annual cost of $1,000.00.

Both Signs will be located near community Trail Heads and visible to Trail Users.  The Signs will contain the name of an Individual or family names, organization or business names.

The Mile Makers Application From can be found below and submitted at City Hall.

If you have any questions, please email the Community Trails Liaison at